kreuzberger kamerata

The Ballery


The Ballery sees itself as a platform and independent format of cultural practice as well as a dynamic, meeting place, which focuses on the mediation and presentation of contemporary fine arts. As a steadily growing community of Berlin artists and a hub of social and creative energies, we create a participatory place of interpretation, reflection and discourse in which the passive becomes an active recipient. In terms of a critical and constructive art institution, we think of the project space itself as author and producer, as a place of representation of a variety of cultural production that creates and uses open spaces, thereby stimulating communication processes and enabling an interdisciplinary dialogue with different contexts.

As a socio-cultural art laboratory of the present, The Ballery takes into account the multifaceted richness of Berlin’s heterogeneous art scene and the diversity of its protagonists. A wide-ranging interdisciplinary program in the form of monthly changing exhibitions, concerts, performances and talks provide space for time-relevant topics and virulent issues. The multi-disciplinary events – often organized by third parties – bring together various players and networks from all over Berlin and other places in the world. The inclusive character of the events ensures a lively exchange between artists, creatives, subcultures and interested audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds, so we reach a visibility beyond the art world. In The Ballery we want to realize our visions of social and cultural participation and transnational, urban coexistence in order to revitalize the cultural infrastructure of Berlin and to generate symbolic and cultural added value. The Ballery is not a formalized, rigid and static “white cube” reserved for the silent contemplation, but connects a variety of functions beyond a purely museum situation and is not only an exhibition space but also an archive, studio, meeting place, club, discussion forum, concert venue, art salon , Production site, regulars’ table, living room etc.


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