kreuzberger kamerata


In his brand new opera, composer Cyrus Meurant musically explores the surviving Fragments of the pre-Socratic philosopher HERAKLEITOS. Ideas of flux and the unity of opposites, creation, consciousness, and humanity's desire to understand all things are traversed in a series of seven tableaux. Philosophical concepts including one cannot step into the same river twice and fire will come upon and lay hold of all things provide a timely opportunity for us to consider the human project of knowledge in the face of an inevitable demise, knowing that whilst all things come into being and pass away, the beginning and the end are common. The Kreuzberger Kamerata under the musical direction of Rebecca Lang collaborate with Birger Radde, Samantha Britt and Ziad Nehme to bring this new work to life for the very first time.



a new opera by Cyrus Meurant

9 JUNE 2018, 7:30pm


Johannes-Brahms-Platz, 20355 Hamburg



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